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16864451_651589968362048_5797615449599201771_nToday I’m writing about SkyeMalyn, a little boutique-type shop started by Skye Stump when she was a senior in high school. Her Etsy-based store specializes in handmade and personalized items, such as steering wheel covers, diaper covers, tie blankets, and rice sacks. It doesn’t stop there—if you have an idea, Skye is willing to do requests if you ask.

Skye learned to crochet because her grandmother and mother both crochet, and she was surrounded by the hobby from a young age. After learning the basics, Skye branched out and began to do projects that she would find on Pinterest. She started with crocheting a throw blanket for her senior project, but things took off after she made herself a steering wheel cover. She said that the steering wheel covers basically started her business because many people wanted her to make them. She knew she could make money from her projects, and it’s something that she enjoys doing so that’s a big plus. (Britt and I both have the crocheted steering wheel covers, and we LOVE them!)

Since her business started, Skye has made so many different things, but she says that her favorite things to make are the baby items. She likes how cute and tiny they are, and that she gets to customize the patterns on each project. She has made baby booties, the diaper covers, baby hats, and baby headbands. All of the items she makes are perfect for baby pictures, or just every day wear.

Skye usually has a couple orders a week since she added crocheted items to her shop. 16507950_644736699047375_229545202378918632_nShe can knock out some of her projects within a day, and from personal experience, have your order to you within 1-2 weeks. She is so easy to work with, and puts so much effort into the items. Even the packaging your order comes in is professional and adorable. You can really tell that she loves what she does, and really cares about the quality of her work.

Skye had closed her store when she went back for her Spring semester of school, but she opened it back up just in time for customers to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift. She has the cutest planters on her Facebook that she is selling! Plus, she has a bunch of new yarn and material that she couldn’t wait to use. Skye is already busy making some fun seasonal items for Spring, including adult and baby sandals. She also got a new machine that she excited to use—currently she is learning how to make car vinyl stickers and hopefully t-shirts soon!

If you would like to place an order with Skye, you should hurry. She mentioned that most of her Summer is booked with pre-orders from a few stores that will be selling some of her Fall items. You can find SkyeMalyn on Facebook and Instagram, and shop on her Etsy at We can’t wait to see the projects that she is working on, and even more excited to buy some new goodies!17799061_675502925970752_6602432073671023730_n

Pictures from SkyeMalyn Facebook


Product Review: Function of Beauty

Happy Friday! I decided to do a product review today to wrap up the week, and picked my current shampoo and conditioner, Function of Beauty. First of all, I would like to say that I have a difficult time finding hair care products that don’t break out my scalp. When I find something that works, it will work for a little while and then my head will reject it. So with that being said, I was a little nervous to try another new brand.

I found out about Function of Beauty on a beauty Facebook page that I am a part of. A girl had just purchased her own shampoo and was telling us about it and would give a review once she tried it. After she praised the shampoo, I decided to give it a go.

The first thing that I thought was neat about these products is that they are personalized to your taste. When you go to the website, you take a “hair quiz” where you basically describe your hair type and what you want in your shampoo. (ex. soothing scalp, lengthening, body, frizz control, color protection, etc) Once you finish the questions, you can pick the color of your products, as well as what scent and how strong you want it to smell. You are able to pick between 8 oz or 16 oz bottles, so if you use a lot of conditioner like me, you can get a bigger bottle and a smaller shampoo.

It did take a while for my order to come in the mail, but they are making your products especially for you so it’s understandable. When you get your product, they send a pump for each bottle that way it’s easier to use. They also give you a list of things that you picked for your product, as well as what they used in the product to get that quality.

Something I thought was neat was the directions; it said to use the shampoo twice because the second time it should lather more to show that your hair is clean. I didn’t think it was possible, but it worked! After my first shower with the new shampoo, my hair felt so soft and tangle-free. It also felt stronger, and was shinier than it has ever been with any other brand. My hair actually looks healthy instead of crunchy! Even after my hair dried, it was still soft and without knots (a BIG deal with my messy head) After multiple days of using Function of Beauty, my scalp even felt healthier. There was no oil or scabs on my head!

Overall, I love Function of Beauty and highly recommend it to anybody who is having a difficult time finding a brand for them. They are a little pricy, two 8 ounce bottles (shampoo and conditioner) being $36 and the 16 ounces being $46, however I find that it is worth it. My hair has never felt better. It’s also a product specifically made for you, so if you don’t like something about it, you can change it with a click of a button on your next order. Function of Beauty also does referral links, so you can tell your friends and family to get discounts on your orders. They also have a subscription option so if you’re like me and forget to buy shampoo you can set it up to just automatically come to you when you think you’ll run out.

So, have you tried Function of Beauty, or were you planning to try it? What is your favorite brand of hair care products and why?main_image.jpg

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